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OptimizePress 2 Review

Please note that Optimize Press 2 just released, so we will have the complete review out in a few days… for now you can claim your discount HERE.

URL: https://zf137.infusionsoft.com/go/op/discount/

I’m glad you made it here! This isn’t going to be the typical review of (oh this product is soo amazing you should buy it right now!). I’m going to outline the pros and cons about it as well as some of the other plugins you could use instead of optimizepress 2 in order to get the same features (or maybe even better features). Please continue and read on!

So like I said, for this review I’m going to outline the pros and cons of optimize press 2.


- Everything you liked about OptimizePress is going to be in OptimizePress 2!



- This has a little bit of a learning curve. While most of the reviews say, “this is the easiest plugin to use!” we are just going to be honest and let you know it will take a day or two to really understand how to use it for you site. You’ll have to spend a couple of hours watching their tutorials in order to really grasp how to use optimizepress 2.

OptimizePress 2 Discount

There are probably about a dozen of these sites springing up as the release of optimizepress 2 is coming close. We are willing to offer you a discount on your purchase! How does this work? Well, optimize press has an affiliate program, and I get a percentage of the sale. I’m going to be honest with you, that’s how it works. I get about $45 when you purchase optimizepress 2, and I’m giving you $30. Why? Because I don’t have to do any work in order to make the $15, and you get the better end of the stick as you save $30. It’s a win win for both people. If that simply wasn’t enough, I’m also offering you a variety of membership products as bonuses for going through my affiliate link. So along with the $30 OptimizePress 2 discount, you are also getting a lot of bonuses!